Rapid Block

52,90 €

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The goal was to develop a block that gives you everything you could wish for, including the affordable price.. You can use the Rapid as a single or double block (ratio 1:2/ 1:3). This block's working load is beyond everything you can find in this price range. Another benefit is that you can open the block any time you want within seconds (similar to a snatch function). 

The block is completely cnc machined (no injection molding; no plastic; 100% hard anodised aluminium) to guarantee you the best performance.

The block's shape and it's simplicity make it light and extremely versatile.




nmp single/double high load block

max. line: 8mm

weight: 38 gr

max. working load: 1600kg 

breaking load: ca. 3000kg

comes with loop

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