Soft Padeye

Our soft padeyes are used with Dyneema diamond loops, which initate the pulling force on the hardware side lying below the deck.
Soft padeyes are super strong yet extremly light. For higher loads you can also use our continuous loops together with our 17-4 VHL dogbones.

Soft Padeye Mast

Soft Padeye DF

A very light and low cost padeye, comes with plastic washers for the use on flat or slightly curved surfaces.

*the sealing cap can't be used here. For watertight constructions, please use the DL padeyes

Swiveling Padeye

TyeTec swivel padeyes are universal all-rounders on deck. You can combine them with nearly every TyeTec product  so that you can customise them depending on your needs.

They are easy to assemble (on deck or on the rig) and can be closed,

if not in use, with a POM sealing cap.

Classic Padeye

The TyeTec padeyes serve as  retainers for LoopBlocks, loops, shackles and many other TyeTec products. Particularly developed for high breaking loads, the padeyes stand out for extremely high workloads. That predestines them to be used with loop blocks, thimbles, continuous loops and other products of this class.