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The TyeTec "Code BLACK" carries a double stage ball bearing providing unbelivable running characteristics.

The block is aviable un six different sizes. 

This block is also availiable with our snatchblock-function and as a double-block.


The TyeTec Loop blocks can be divided into two main components: there's the rope pulley on the one hand and the loop on the other, which carries the rope pulley through the central hole, so that the loop takes up the forces. There is no force knitting on the other components like the cheek plate, connectors etc. which allowed us to reduce the blocks weight to an absolute minimum, whereas the breaking load is still vastly high.

You can choose between two loop lenghts . 


(long loop= standard; short loop = for limited space)


If you are not sure which size you need or if you have questions about our products please contact us. 
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